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The Summer Scrub

2019-01-05 23:41:21

The sun is shining, the creeps are marching, and it’s the perfect time to open up the proverbial windows and give the Dota world a healthy scrub. To that effect, we’ll be working on an update focused on bug fixes that should help get the lanes in good shape as we head into the final stretch before The International.

To assist in our efforts, we’d love the Dota community to put on your bug-hunting hats and sound off on any bugs you’ve encountered during your games. While we will be primarily looking for bug reports, we are also interested in adding some quality-of-life improvements, so if you have any ideas please don’t hesitate to share.

Up next for the Battle Pass, we are aiming to ship the Kid Invoker Hero Persona with next Friday’s update on the 19th.

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